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London Communications Agency (LCA) is a specialist communications consultancy focusing on London and London issues. We handle public relations and public affairs for organisations delivering some of the most complex and high profile projects in the UK. Visit the LCA website.
Our team combines what we believe to be a unique skill set of communications expertise, detailed knowledge of London and experience working for some of the most challenging projects in the UK.
We believe that the best way of demonstrating the value of our work is through case studies. They show how we understand our clients’ objectives and apply a range of communications skills to deliver results.

London Borough of Brent

Map of Brent

Town Hall
Forty Lane
Tel: 020 8937 1234
Borough statistics and information




All Councillors

Chief Officers


Cllr Aslam ChoudryLead Member for Crime and Public Safety
Cllr George CraneLead Member for Regeneration and Major Projects
Cllr James DenselowLead Member for Customers and Citizens
Cllr Krupesh HiraniLead Member for Adults and Health
Cllr Roxanne MashariLead Member for Environment and Neighbourhoods
Cllr Margaret McLennanLead Member for Housing
Cllr James MoherLead Member for Highways and Transportation
Cllr Ruth MoherDeputy Leader; Lead Member for Finance and Corporate Resources
Cllr Michael PaveyLead Member for Children and Families