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London Borough of Enfield

Civic Centre
Silver Street
Tel: 020 8379 1000


Cllr Huseyin EdmontonLabour
Cllr Mahmut NorthLabour
Cllr Maria HillConservative
Cllr Daniel
Cllr Kate EdmontonLabour
Cllr Tolga PutneyLabour
Cllr Guner
Cllr Ian HillLabour
Cllr Dinah HillLabour
Cllr Mahym PutneyLabour
Cllr Chris NorthLabour
Cllr Sinan West & PengeLabour
Cllr Yasemin WestLabour
Cllr Anne
Cllr Nesil WestLabour
Cllr Alev WestLabour
Cllr Mustafa WickLabour
Cllr Katherine WestLabour
Cllr Will
Cllr Lee
Cllr Clare De
Cllr Birsen
Cllr Chris
Cllr Guney West & PengeLabour
Cllr Elif
Cllr Ergin PutneyLabour
Cllr Susan
Cllr Ergun ParkLabour
Cllr Achilleas WestLabour
Cllr Alessandro TownConservative
Cllr Margaret West & PengeLabour
Cllr Charith
Cllr Christine ParkLabour
Cllr Ahmet ParkLabour
Cllr Elaine TownConservative
Cllr James
Cllr Stephanos
Cllr Rick StreetLabour
Cllr Saray WickLabour
Cllr Nneka NorthLabour
Cllr Joanne
Cllr Bernie WestLabour
Cllr Tim ParkLabour
Cllr Dino HillLabour
Cllr Derek
Cllr Mary ParkLabour
Cllr Andy
Cllr Gina StreetLabour
Cllr Terence Neville,
Cllr Ayfer
Cllr Ahmet ParkLabour
Cllr Sabri StreetLabour
Cllr Vicki HillLabour
Cllr Lindsay
Cllr Mike Rye,
Cllr George Savva, WickLabour
Cllr Edward TownConservative
Cllr Jim
Cllr Claire
Cllr Doug
Cllr Mahtab EdmontonLabour
Cllr Glynis
Cllr Hass HillLabour

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London Communications Agency

LCA is an intelligence-led PR company, with four core services:

Consultation & Planning Permission

  • Effective community and political engagement to enable development for the public and private sectors.

Placemaking & Media Relations

  • Raising profile through integrated campaigns across traditional and social media.

Corporate & Public Affairs

  • Protecting and enhancing reputation and strengthening relationships with political, business and stakeholder audiences.

Design for Print & Digital

  • Creative, engaging and informative design across multiple platforms.

Established in 1999, today our team brings together more than 30 talented professionals with experience of journalism, politics, business and government and includes a dedicated research function which delivers regular, tailored briefings to our clients and the LCA team.

We are trusted to deliver by developers, occupiers, land owners, house builders, local authorities, registered providers, NHS organisations, transport bodies, education providers, cultural institutions, major businesses, sports clubs and charities.

We have worked on projects in every London Borough, typically active in two thirds of them at any one time, and also handle schemes across the South East of England.

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