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London Borough of Bexley

Civic Offices
Tel: 020 8303 7777


Cllr Esther EastLabour
Cllr Cheryl
Cllr Gareth
Cllr Linda LogConservative
Cllr Nigel and WellingConservative
Cllr Brian
Cllr Christine
Cllr Stef Green & NorthendLabour
Cllr Sybil LogConservative
Cllr Christine WickhamConservative
Cllr Val and WellingConservative
Cllr Peter and LamorbeyConservative
Cllr John HeathConservative
Cllr Richard
Cllr Andy
Cllr Alan Mary?s & St JamesConservative
Cllr Joe
Cllr Daniel
Cllr Louie and WellingConservative
Cllr John HeathConservative
Cllr Danny EastLabour
Cllr Stephen WickhamConservative
Cllr Sally
Cllr James and LamorbeyConservative
Cllr Howard
Cllr Brenda Green & NorthendLabour
Cllr David and PenhillConservative
Cllr Geraldene
Cllr Cafar and LamorbeyConservative
Cllr Caroline WickhamConservative
Cllr Nick O'Harecouncillor.nick.o' and PenhillConservative
Cllr Teresa O'Neillcouncillor.teresa.o' LogConservative
Cllr Mabel EastLabour
Cllr Ellen
Cllr Wendy HeathLabour
Cllr Dave
Cllr Philip HeathConservative
Cllr Peter HeathConservative
Cllr Alex Mary?s & St JamesConservative
Cllr Melvin
Cllr June
Cllr Brad
Cllr Nicola

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