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London Borough of Harrow

Civic Centre
Station Road
Tel: 020 8863 5611


Cllr Ghazanfar
Cllr Richard SouthConservative
Cllr Dan on the HillLabour
Cllr Jeff LaneLabour
Cllr Sue
Cllr Marilyn ParkConservative
Cllr Peymana
Cllr Camilla ParkConservative
Cllr Christopher NorthConservative
Cllr Philip ParkConservative
Cllr Michael
Cllr Simon SouthLabour
Cllr Sarah on the HillLabour
Cllr Kamaljit SouthConservative
Cllr Ramji WealdConservative
Cllr Niraj EastLabour
Cllr Keith
Cllr Pamela SouthLabour
Cllr Dean
Cllr Stephen WealdConservative
Cllr Chetna EastConservative
Cllr Susan EndConservative
Cllr Graham
Cllr Maxine
Cllr John EndConservative
Cllr Nitesh EastConservative
Cllr Honey on the HillLabour
Cllr Amit
Cllr Jean EndConservative
Cllr James
Cllr Lesline NorthConservative
Cllr Kairul Kareema HarrowLabour
Cllr Ajay WestLabour
Cllr Jerry
Cllr Vina WestConservative
Cllr Amir
Cllr Chris SouthConservative
Cllr Janet NorthConservative
Cllr Angella
Cllr Phillip O'
Cllr Paul
Cllr Nitin
Cllr Mina
Cllr Varsha
Cllr Anjana
Cllr Primesh
Cllr Pritesh WealdConservative
Cllr David
Cllr Natasha
Cllr Kanti WestConservative
Cllr Kiran
Cllr Christine HarrowLabour
Cllr Lynda
Cllr Rekha
Cllr Sachin
Cllr Chloe LaneLabour
Cllr Norman
Cllr Krishna LaneLabour
Cllr Sasikala SouthLabour
Cllr Adam HarrowLabour
Cllr Bharat
Cllr Antonio
Cllr Stephen

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