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London Borough of Waltham Forest

Town Hall
Forest Road
E17 4JF
Tel: 020 8496 3000


Cllr Masood BridgeLabour
Cllr Hather HillLabour
Cllr Liaquat Ali, StreetLabour
Cllr Umar MorrisLabour
Cllr Raja StreetLabour
Cllr Mohammad BridgeLabour
Cllr Naheed
Cllr Elizabeth
Cllr Tony End and Highams ParkLabour
Cllr Karen HillLabour
Cllr Kastriot
Cllr Roy
Cllr Emma
Cllr Clare StreetLabour
Cllr Tom StreetLabour
Cllr Shabana
Cllr Rosalind End and Highams ParkLabour
Cllr Paul EndLabour
Cllr Jacob
Cllr Patrick HallLabour
Cllr Marion LaneConservative
Cllr Ros StreetLabour
Cllr Mitchell
Cllr Jenny
Cllr Nick GreenConservative
Cllr Andy GreenConservative
Cllr Jemma
Cllr Whitney
Cllr Kay GreenConservative
Cllr Tim LaneConservative
Cllr Ahsan StreetLabour
Cllr Johar
Cllr Joe MorrisLabour
Cllr Khevyn GreenLabour
Cllr Sally HallLabour
Cllr Clyde
Cllr Gerry
Cllr Asim
Cllr Saima StreetLabour
Cllr Anna GreenLabour
Cllr Simon
Cllr Louise EndLabour
Cllr John
Cllr Johnathan O?Dea,
Cllr Yemi BridgeLabour
Cllr Marie
Cllr Keith HallLabour
Cllr Zia-Ur End and Highams ParkLabour
Cllr Chris Robbins, GreenLabour
Cllr Catherine
Cllr Selina
Cllr Alan
Cllr Alistair HillLabour
Cllr Richard StreetLabour
Cllr Vicky te StreetLabour
Cllr Steve EndLabour
Cllr Sharon
Cllr Geoffrey LaneConservative
Cllr Terry
Cllr Grace MorrisLabour

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