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London Borough of Newham

Newham Dockside
1000 Dockside Road
E16 2QU
Tel: 020 8430 2000


Cllr Hanif Street WestLabour
Cllr Seyi Gate NorthLabour
Cllr Aleen SouthLabour
Cllr Jose Street EastLabour
Cllr Andrew IlfordLabour
Cllr James NorthLabour
Cllr Freda HamLabour
Cllr Steve DocksLabour
Cllr Ayesha
Cllr David
Cllr Ken IlfordLabour
Cllr Frances EndLabour
Cllr Bryan Town SouthLabour
Cllr Ian Ham CentralLabour
Cllr Jo ParkLabour
Cllr Richard and New TownLabour
Cllr Unmesh Ham CentralLabour
Cllr Ann Town NorthLabour
Cllr Rokhsana Fiaz, HouseLabour
Cllr Clive Town NorthLabour
Cllr John HamLabour
Cllr Alan Town SouthLabour
Cllr Zuber Ham NorthLabour
Cllr Patricia HouseLabour
Cllr Lester EndLabour
Cllr Forhad NorthLabour
Cllr Idris Street WestLabour
Cllr Anamul Gate North
Cllr Obaid
Cllr Joy Laguda, NorthLabour
Cllr Julianne Ham CentralLabour
Cllr Susan Ruth Ham SouthLabour
Cllr Anthony DocksLabour
Cllr Conor HouseLabour
Cllr Charlene and New TownLabour
Cllr Patrick DocksLabour
Cllr Farah IlfordLabour
Cllr Firoza Ham NorthLabour
Cllr Ahmed SouthLabour
Cllr Veronica
Cllr Mas Gate SouthLabour
Cllr Mukesh Street EastLabour
Cllr Salim ParkLabour
Cllr Terry and New TownLabour
Cllr The Revd Quintin Ham SouthLabour
Cllr Vacant PostForest Gate North
Cllr Rohima Street EastLabour
Cllr Tahmina Street WestLabour
Cllr Paul Ham NorthLabour
Cllr Kay Town NorthLabour
Cllr Lakmini Ham SouthLabour
Cllr Amarjit ParkLabour
Cllr Ted EndLabour
Cllr Sheila Town SouthLabour
Cllr Rachel Gate NorthLabour
Cllr Winston Gate SouthLabour
Cllr Harvinder Singh
Mayor Sir Robin
Cllr Dianne Gate SouthLabour
Cllr Dianne Gate SouthLabour
Cllr John HamLabour
Cllr Neil SouthLabour
Cllr Tonii

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