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London Borough of Ealing

Perceval House
14/16 Uxbridge Road
W5 2HL
Tel: 020 8825 5000


Cllr Munir
Cllr Natasha MandevilleLabour
Cllr Jasbir GreenLabour
Cllr Mohammad GreenLabour
Cllr Jon CommonLiberal Democrat
Cllr Julian BroadwayLabour
Cllr Josh ActonLabour
Cllr Gary Democrat
Cllr Theresa GreenfordLabour
Cllr Joanna
Cllr Patrick GreenfordLabour
Cllr Paul
Cllr Fabio
Cllr Daniel CentralLabour
Cllr Kate ActonLabour
Cllr Joanna CommonConservative
Cllr Tejinder WellsLabour
Cllr Ranjit Dheer, WellsLabour
Cllr Kamaljit GreenLabour
Cllr Kieron ActonLabour
Cllr Yoel
Cllr Abdullah CentralLabour
Cllr Steve MandevilleLabour
Cllr Yvonne ActonLabour
Cllr Penny
Cllr Swarn Singh GreenLabour
Cllr Kamaljit Kaur BroadwayLabour
Cllr Harbhajan BroadwayLabour
Cllr Anthony GreenLabour
Cllr Sarfraz BroadwayLabour
Cllr Sanjai BroadwayLabour
Cllr Seema BroadwayConservative
Cllr Bassam West EndLabour
Cllr Tariq
Cllr Gary Democrat
Cllr Gurmit GreenLabour
Cllr Rajinder GreenLabour
Cllr Shital GreenfordLabour
Cllr Dee West EndLabour
Cllr Peter Masonmasonpe@ealing.gvo.ukElthorneLabour
Cllr Ciaran
Cllr Mohinder MargaretLabour
Cllr David
Cllr Karam MargaretLabour
Cllr Joy HillConservative
Cllr Theresa
Cllr Lynne
Cllr Timothy BroadwayLabour
Cllr Ian
Cllr Binda
Cllr Tej Ram WellsLabour
Cllr Aysha GreenLabour
Cllr Roz CommonConservative
Cllr David
Cllr Mik ActonLabour
Cllr Charan
Cllr Gareth
Cllr Swaran Singh MargaretLabour
Cllr Alexander BroadwayConservative
Cllr Gregory HillConservative
Cllr Andrew Democrat
Cllr Chris MandevilleLabour
Cllr Nigel HillConservative
Cllr Hitesh ActonLabour
Cllr Dr Patricia CentralLabour
Cllr Lauren West EndLabour
Cllr Ray
Cllr Simon GreenLabour
Cllr Anthony BroadwayConservative

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