London Borough of Haringey

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Civic Centre
High Road
Wood Green
N22 8LE
Tel: 020 8489 0000


Inland Area
2,960 hectares
Council Tax (band D)
Budget 2019/20


Joseph Ejiofor

Cllr Joseph Ejiofor (Labour)



Kaushika Amin

Cllr Kaushika Amin

Deputy Leader of the Council

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Charles Adje

Cllr Charles Adje

Cabinet Member for Finance and Strategic Regeneration

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Mark Blake

Cllr Mark Blake

Cabinet Member for Communities

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Gideon Bull

Cllr Gideon Bull

Cabinet Member for Local Investment & Economic Growth

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Seema Chandwani

Cllr Seema Chandwani

Cabinet Member for Transformation and Public Realm Investment

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Mahir Demir

Cllr Mahir Demir

Assistant Cabinet Member for Children and Families

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Kirsten Hearn

Cllr Kirsten Hearn

Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Equalities and Leisure

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Emine Ibrahim

Cllr Emine Ibrahim

Cabinet Member for Housing and Estate Renewal

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Sarah James

Cllr Sarah James

Cabinet Member for Adults and Health

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Strategic leadership team

Name / emailPosition
Ms Zina Executive
Mr Mark of Housing, Regeneration and Planning
Ms Ann of Children's Services
Mr Richard of Customers, Transformation and Resources
Mr Stephen of Environment and Neighbourhoods
Mr Bernie Director for Corporate Governance (Monitoring Officer)
Ms Beverley of Adults and Health
Mr Jon of Finance