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London Borough of Hillingdon

Civic Centre
High Street
Tel: 01895 250111


Cllr Shehryar
Cllr Lynne
Cllr Simon
Cllr Teji
Cllr Jonathan HillsConservative
Cllr Mohinder
Cllr Lindsay
Cllr Wayne EastConservative
Cllr Nicola
Cllr Keith SouthConservative
Cllr Roy
Cllr Alan EastConservative
Cllr Farhad SouthConservative
Cllr Judith SouthConservative
Cllr Philip RuislipConservative
Cllr Peter
Cllr Nick and East RuislipConservative
Cllr Alan
Cllr Jazz
Cllr Jas
Cllr Janet DraytonLabour
Cllr Ian and East RuislipConservative
Cllr Tony
Cllr Scott
Cllr Duncan HillsConservative
Cllr Neil
Cllr Janet
Cllr Martin NorthConservative
Cllr Ray NorthConservative
Cllr Becky and East RuislipConservative
Cllr John
Cllr Henry
Cllr Vanessa RuislipConservative
Cllr Patricia EastConservative
Cllr Allan RuislipConservative
Cllr Kuldeep
Cllr Edward
Cllr Richard
Cllr Heena
Cllr Michael
Cllr Stuart DraytonLabour
Cllr Carol
Cllr Ali VillagesLabour
Cllr Douglas
Cllr Richard
Cllr Peter VillagesLabour
Cllr John HillsConservative
Cllr John
Cllr June VillagesLabour
Cllr Susan O'Brienso'
Cllr John
Cllr Jane
Cllr Kerri
Cllr Ray Puddifoot,
Cllr Devi RuislipConservative
Cllr John RuislipConservative
Cllr Paula
Cllr Robin
Cllr Scott Seaman-Digbyscott@seaman-digby.comNorthwoodConservative
Cllr David Simmonds,
Cllr Jagjit
Cllr Brian
Cllr Jan DraytonLabour
Cllr Steve RuislipConservative
Cllr David NorthConservative

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