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London Borough of Havering

Town Hall
Main Road
Tel: 01708 434343


Cllr Clarence Havering Residents' Group
Cllr Robert
Cllr Ray ParkConservative
Cllr Carole
Cllr Michael Deon HornchurchINDEPENDENT
Cllr Joshua TownConservative
Cllr John ParkConservative
Cllr Philippa
Cllr Keith
Cllr Osman
Cllr Nic's Group
Cllr David and WenninghamIndependent Residents' Group
Cllr Tony and WenninghamRainham & Wennington Independent Residents Group
Cllr Brian WoodEast Havering Residents' Group
Cllr Gillian Havering Residents' Group
Cllr Jason
Cllr Martin WoodHarold Wood Hill Park Residents Association
Cllr Linda Havering Residents' Group
Cllr Judith TownConservative
Cllr Tele
Cllr Paul AndrewsHornchurch Residents Association
Cllr Sally ParkHornchurch Residents Association
Cllr Robby
Cllr Ray's Group
Cllr Barry ParkResident's Group
Cllr John AndrewsConservative
Cllr Stephanie ParkResident's Group
Cllr Denis O'Flynncouncillordenis.o?
Cllr Gerald O'Sullivancouncillorgerald.o' AndrewsHornchurch Residents Association
Cllr Ron Havering Residents' Group
Cllr Dilip
Cllr Nisha TownConservative
Cllr Bob ParkConservative
Cllr Viddy
Cllr Roger ParkConservative
Cllr Timothy
Cllr Jan
Cllr Carol
Cllr Christine
Cllr Natasha HornchurchSouth Hornchurch Independent Residents Group
Cllr Matt ParkConservative
Cllr Maggie
Cllr Jeffrey and WenninghamIndependent Residents' Group
Cllr John & Cranham Residents Association
Cllr Christine ParkConservative
Cllr Melvin HeathConservative
Cllr Ciaran
Cllr Damian HeathConservative
Cllr Michael HeathConservative
Cllr Reg's Group
Cllr Christopher & Cranham Residents Association
Cllr Graham HornchurchIndependent Residents' Group
Cllr Darren WoodEast Havering Residents' Group

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