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London Borough of Redbridge

Town Hall
High Road
Tel: 020 8554 5000


Cllr Stephen
Cllr Mushtaq
Cllr Syeda TownLabour
Cllr Syeda
Cllr Jas
Cllr Sheila ParkLabour
Cllr Stuart KingsLabour
Cllr Howard
Cllr Gurdial
Cllr Sunita
Cllr Jo VillageLabour
Cllr Anita
Cllr Beverley WoodfordLabour
Cllr Paul
Cllr Hannah
Cllr Namreen
Cllr Khayer
Cllr Ruth
Cllr Helen
Cllr Paul VillageLabour
Cllr Michael WoodfordConservative
Cllr Roy
Cllr Kay
Cllr Judith
Cllr Rosa
Cllr Ross
Cllr Joe
Cllr John
Cllr Linda
Cllr Farah
Cllr Zulfiqar
Cllr Chaudhary
Cllr ?Jyotsna
Cllr Sham
Cllr Saira
Cllr Muhammed
Cllr Thavathuray
Cllr Bert
Cllr Debbie
Cllr Sadiq
Cllr Bob KingsLabour
Cllr Paul ParkLabour
Cllr Daniel VillageLabour
Cllr Sue WoodfordConservative
Cllr Mohammed
Cllr Elaine
Cllr Ayodhiya
Cllr Shoaib TownLabour
Cllr Kam
Cllr Taifur
Cllr Joyce
Cllr Anne
Cllr Martin
Cllr Sareena KingsLabour
Cllr Mark
Cllr Dev
Cllr Varinder Singh
Cllr Vanisha
Cllr Michael
Cllr Robin
Cllr Mohammed
Cllr Clark
Cllr Neil

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