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London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Mulberry Place
5 Clove Crescent
E14 2BG
Tel: 020 7364 5000


Cllr Faroque
Cllr Sabina GreenLabour
Cllr Sufia
Cllr Amina EastLabour
Cllr Shah
Cllr Ruhul
Cllr Asma WestLabour
Mayor John
Cllr Rachel EastLabour
Cllr Kevin PetersLabour
Cllr Mufeedah GardensLabour
Cllr Kahar
Cllr Shad and BanglatownLabour
Cllr Dipa Dunstan'sLabour
Cllr David EndLabour
Cllr Marc EastLabour
Cllr Peter Goldscllrpetergolds@aol.comIsland GardensConservative
Cllr Ehtasham and Cubitt TownLabour
Cllr Muhammad
Cllr Danny SouthLabour
Cllr Mohammed GreenLabour
Cllr Asma EndLabour
Cllr Sirajul GreenLabour
Cllr Denise Katharine's and WappingLabour
Cllr Rabina
Cllr Tarik PetersLabour
Cllr James
Cllr Gabriela Salva PetersLabour
Cllr Eve Josephine GreenLabour
Cllr Ayas Dunstan'sLabour
Cllr Puru End EastLabour
Cllr Abdul Chunu Mukit,
Cllr Victoria
Cllr Mohammed and Cubitt TownLabour
Cllr Kyrsten Danielle WharfLabour
Cllr John
Cllr Leema Omar and BanglatownLabour
Cllr Zenith NorthLabour
Cllr Candida and Cubitt TownLabour
Cllr Dan NorthLabour
Cllr Helal Uddin SouthLabour
Cllr Abdal Katharine's and WappingLabour
Cllr Motin GreenLabour
Cllr Bex
Cllr Val WestLabour
Cllr Andrew Woodcllrandrewwood@gmail.comCanary WharfConservative

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