London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

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Civic Centre
York Street
Tel: 020 8891 1411


Inland Area
5,741 hectares
Council Tax (band D)
Budget 2019/20


Gareth Roberts

Cllr Gareth Roberts (Liberal Democrat)



Alexander Ehmann

Cllr Alexander Ehmann

Deputy Leader Chair of the Transport and Air Quality Services Committee

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Liz Jaeger

Cllr Liz Jaeger

Deputy Leader and Vice-chair of Adult Social Services, Health and Housing Services Committee

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Piers Allen

Cllr Piers Allen

Chair of the Adult Social Services, Health and Housing Services Committee

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Robin Brown

Cllr Robin Brown

Finance and Resources Lead Member

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Lotte Campanale

Cllr Lotte Campanale

Chair of the Policy and Performance Review Board

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Jonathan Cardy

Cllr Jonathan Cardy

Chair of Planning Committee

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Martin Elengorn

Cllr Martin Elengorn

Chair of the Environment, Planning, Sustainability, Culture and Sports

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Penelope Frost

Cllr Penelope Frost

Chair of the Education and Children’s Services Committee

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Helen Lee-Parsons

Cllr Helen Lee-Parsons

Chair of the Regulatory Committee

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Julia Neden-Watts

Cllr Julia Neden-Watts

Chair of the Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sports Services Committee

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Suzette Nicholson

Cllr Suzette Nicholson

Vice-chair, Education and Children's Services Committee

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Strategic leadership team

Name / emailPosition
Ms Liz BruceDirector of Adult Social Services and Public Health
Mr Paul of Environment and Community Services
Mr Ian of Children's Services (via Achieving for Children)
Mr Mark of Resources and Deputy Chief Executive
Mr Paul Executive
Mr Brian of Housing and Regeneration