City of London

London Government Directory mapMap showing London Borough Councils.


Tel: 020 7606 3030


Inland Area
290 hectares
Council Tax (band D)
Budget 2019/20


Mr George
Mr John Absalom,
Ms Caroline
Ms Rehana Banu
Cllr Randall AndersonIndependent
Mr Randall
Mr Thomas
Alderman Nicholas
Mr Nick Anstee,
Mr Alexander
Cllr Douglas Barrow,
Mr Douglas Barrow, Deputy
Mr Adrian
Mr Matthew
Mr John Bennett,
Mr Nicholas
Mr Christopher
Sir Mark
Mr Mark
Mr Keith Bottomley,
Mr David Bradshaw,
Mr Tijs
Mr Michael Cassidy, CBE,
Mr Roger Chadwick,
Mr John Chapman,
Mr Dominic
Mr Thomas
Mr Henry
Mr James de
Ms Karina
Mr Simon Duckworth,
Mr Peter
Ms Mary
Alderman Emma
Mr John EdwardsIndependent
Alderman Peter
Mr Kevin Everett,
Ms Anne
Ms Sophie
Mr John Fletcher,
Ms Marianne
Alderman John
Alderman Sir Roger
Mr Peter Gordon
Alderman Alison
Alderman Prem
Alderman David
Alderman and Sheriff Timothy Hailes,
The Revd Stephen Haines,
Mr Graeme
Mr Christopher
Mr Christopher
Mr Tom Hoffman,
Ms Ann
Alderman Robert
Mr Michael
Ms Wendy Hyde,
Mr Jamie Ingham-Clark,
Ms Clare
Alderman Gregory Jones,
Mr Shravan
Alderman Vincent
Alderman Alastair
Mr Angus
Ms Susan
Mr Gregory
Mr Tim
Ms Vivienne Littlechild,
Ms Natasha
Mr Oliver
Cllr Edward Lord, JP OBEIndependent
Alderman Ian
Alderman Nicholas Stephen Leland
Alderman Professor Michael
Mr Paul
Mr Andrew
Cllr Jeremy Mayhew, MBAIndependent
Mr Jeremy Mayhew, MA,
Cllr Catherine McGuinness,
Mr Andrew
Ms Wendy Mead,
Mr Robert Merrett,
Mr Andrien
Mr Brian
Mr Hugh
Alastair Moss, DeputyIndependent
Cllr Alastair Moss,
Mrs Sylvia Moys,
Ms Joyce Nash, OBE,
Ms Barbara Newman,
Mr Graham
Mr Dhruv Patel,
Ms Susan
Mr John
Mr William
Ms Judith
Mr Henry Pollard,
Ms Henrika
Mr Jason
Mr Stephen
Mr Richard Regan, OBE
Ms Elizabeth Rogula,
The Rt Hon, the Lord Mayor William
Ms Ruby
Alderman The Rt Hon the Barone Patricia Scotland,
Cllr John Scott,
Mr Ian
Mr Oliver
Dr Giles Shilson,
Cllr Jeremy
Cllr Tom
Sir Michael Snyder,
Mr James Thomson,
Mr John Tomlinson,
Cllr James
Mr William
Mr Mark
Mr Philip Woodhouse,
Alderman Sir David
Alderman Sir Alan