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City of London

Tel: 020 7606 3030


Mr George WithoutINDEPENDENT
Mr John Absalom, WithoutINDEPENDENT
Ms Caroline AddyFarringdon WithoutINDEPENDENT
Mr Munsur AliPortsokenLabour
Ms Rehana Banu AmeerVintryINDEPENDENT
Mr Randall
Mr Thomas AndersonFarringdon WithinINDEPENDENT
Alderman Nicholas
Mr Alexander
Mr Douglas Barrow, DeputyAldgateINDEPENDENT
Mr Adrian BastowAldersgateINDEPENDENT
Alderman Sir Michael
Mr Matthew BellFarringdon WithinINDEPENDENT
Mr John Bennett, StreetINDEPENDENT
Mr Nicholas
Mr Christopher BodenCastle BaynardINDEPENDENT
Sir Mark
Mr Richard BostockCripplegateINDEPENDENT
Mr Keith and Bridge WithoutINDEPENDENT
The Rt Hon, The Lord Mayor Charles BowmanLime StreetINDEPENDENT
Mr David
Mr Tijs BroekeCheapINDEPENDENT
Mr Michael Cassidy, CBE, StreetINDEPENDENT
Mr Roger Chadwick, DeputyTowerINDEPENDENT
Mr John Chapman, DeputyLangbournINDEPENDENT
Mr Dominic Christiandominic.christian@aonbenfield.comLime StreetINDEPENDENT
Mr Thomas ClementiLime StreetINDEPENDENT
Mr Peter CrossanAldersgateLabour
Mr James de
Ms Karina DostalovaFarringdon WithinINDEPENDENT
Mr Simon Duckworth,
Mr Peter DunphyCornhillINDEPENDENT
Ms Joan DurcanCripplegateLabour
Alderman Sheriff Peter EstlinINDEPENDENT
The Rt Hon, The Lord Mountevan Jeffrey
Mr Kevin Everett,
Ms Anne
Mr John Fletcher, OBE,
Mr Stuart Fraser, CBEColeman StreetINDEPENDENT
Ms Marianne
Alderman John
Alderma Sir Roger
Mr Peter Gordon
Alderman Alison
Alderman Prem GoyalPortsokenINDEPENDENT
Alderman David GravesBassishawINDEPENDENT
Mr Timothy Hailes,
Ms Caroline HainesQueenhitheINDEPENDENT
The Rev Stephen Haines,
Mr Graeme
Mr Christopher StreetINDEPENDENT
Alderman Peter HewittAldgateINDEPENDENT
Mr Christopher HillFarringdon WithinINDEPENDENT
Mr Tom
Ms Ann HolmesFarringdon WithinINDEPENDENT
Alderman Robert HowardCornhillINDEPENDENT
Mr Michael BaynardINDEPENDENT
Ms Wendy
Mr Jamie Ingham-Clark,
Ms Clare JamesFarringdon WithinINDEPENDENT
Alderman Gregory Jones, WithoutINDEPENDENT
Mr Henry Jones,
Alderman Sir Paul
Mr Vincent WithinINDEPENDENT
Mr Alastair King,
Alderman Angus Knowles-CutlerCastle BaynardINDEPENDENT
Mr Gregory WithoutINDEPENDENT
Mr Timothy LeveneBridge and Bridge WithoutINDEPENDENT
Ms Vivienne Littlechild,
Mr Edward Lord, JP WithoutINDEPENDENT
Alderman Ian LuderCastle BaynardINDEPENDENT
Mr Nicholas Stephen Leland LyonsTowerINDEPENDENT
Alderman Professor Michael Mainellimichael_mainelli@zyen.comBroad StreetINDEPENDENT
Mr Andrew
Mr Jeremy Mayhew, MA,
Ms Catherine McGuinness, BaynardINDEPENDENT
Mr Robert Merrett,
Mr Andrien
Mr Brian
Mr Hugh Morrishughfmorris@aol.comAldgateINDEPENDENT
Mr Alastair Moss, DeputyCheapINDEPENDENT
Mrs Sylvia
Ms Joyce Nash, OBE,
Ms Barbara Newman,
Mr Graham BaynardINDEPENDENT
Mr Dhruv
Ms Susan PearsonCripplegate
Mr William PimlottCripplegateLabour
Ms Judith
Mr James Pollard,
Ms Henrika BaynardINDEPENDENT
Mr Jason PritchardPortsokenLabour
Mr Stephen
Mr Richard Regan, OBE WithinINDEPENDENT
Mr Matthew RichardsonBillingsgateINDEPENDENT
Ms Elizabeth StreetINDEPENDENT
Alderman The Rt Hon the Barone Patricia Scotland, QCBishopsgateINDEPENDENT
Mr John Scott, StreetINDEPENDENT
Mr Ian
Mr Oliver SellsFarringdon WithoutINDEPENDENT
Dr Giles Shilson, StreetINDEPENDENT
Mr Jeremy SimonsCastle BaynardINDEPENDENT
Mr Tom
Sir Michael Snyder,
Ms Pooja Suri TankBishopsgateINDEPENDENT
Mr James Thomson, Deputyjames.m.d.thomson@outlook.comWalbrookINDEPENDENT
Mr John Tomlinson,
Mr James
Mr James UptonFarringdon WithoutINDEPENDENT
Mr Michael Welbank,
Mr Mark
Mr Philip Woodhouse,
Dame Fiona WoolfCandlewickINDEPENDENT
Alderman Sir David
Sir Alan YarrowBridge and Bridge WithoutINDEPENDENT

From the directory sponsor

London Communications Agency

LCA is an intelligence-led PR company, with four core services:

Consultation & Planning Permission

  • Effective community and political engagement to enable development for the public and private sectors.

Placemaking & Media Relations

  • Raising profile through integrated campaigns across traditional and social media.

Corporate & Public Affairs

  • Protecting and enhancing reputation and strengthening relationships with political, business and stakeholder audiences.

Design for Print & Digital

  • Creative, engaging and informative design across multiple platforms.

Established in 1999, today our team brings together more than 30 talented professionals with experience of journalism, politics, business and government and includes a dedicated research function which delivers regular, tailored briefings to our clients and the LCA team.

We are trusted to deliver by developers, occupiers, land owners, house builders, local authorities, registered providers, NHS organisations, transport bodies, education providers, cultural institutions, major businesses, sports clubs and charities.

We have worked on projects in every London Borough, typically active in two thirds of them at any one time, and also handle schemes across the South East of England.

More information about LCA together with case studies and team biographies can be found on our website at